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Important: Update on the Composting System

The Sustainability Committee will be officially reintroducing the composting system back to CSW, tomorrow on December 1st.The composting system will be operating only during lunch and dinner for now. Unfortunately, the service will be unavailable for breakfasts and weekends due to the staffing shortage. Therefore, when the service is not provided, please dispose of your unwanted food waste to the usual trash bin opposed to the compost bin.

Furthermore, during the 1st week of operation, at least 1 sustainability member will be on site to provide instructions and answer any inquiries. As emphasized in the past announcements, your cooperation is key for the successful operation of this project. Below we have attached detailed service hours and instructions for the composting system. Please feel free to take a look and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns! Thank you!

Operation hours:

LunchDinnerMonday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday - 12:15 to 13:05 and 17:30 to 18:30

Wednesday - 12:00 to 12:50 and 17:30 to 18:30

The compost will always be the first bin on the right:

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