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Compost Duty Integration to Lunch and Dinner Duty!!!


We hope this message finds you all well! We are working towards integrating composting into regular lunch duty and dinner duty, and we have attached the information below, along with a more detailed outline.

Composting duty primarily consists of ensuring that only compostable products are discarded into the compost bin, disposing of the compost bin as it fills up and at the end of lunch duty, and returning the compost bin to the Dining Staff to be sent through the dishwasher.

The Primary Roles of Compost Duty:

  • Make sure that only compostable products are discarded into the compost bin

    • Compostable products include: Any foods, coffee stirrers, napkins, paper plates

    • Not Compostable products: All plastics, paper cups, muffin wraps, butter wraps, sugar packs, salt packs, etc.

  • Dump compost bin into the Black Earth compost bin (next to the dumpsters) at the end of the lunch and dinner duty

  • Bring back the compost bin to the kitchen and hand it over to the dining staff

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


CSW Sustainability Committee

[Original size] Compost Dut
Download PDF • 3.20MB

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