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First Meeting of the year (Potential Projects of 2022-2023)

Sustainability Committee has hosted our first meeting on September 14th, 2022. During the first meeting the committee discussed about various topics such as What is Sustainability, Who we are, past projects, and potential projects. Below are the power point used during the session and some of the potential projects for 2022-2023.

Potential Projects for 2022-2023:

- Reintroduction of Compost System

- Collaboration with IDEA Committee on Climate Justice

- Installation of Rain Sensor

- Initiating an Instagram Account

- Sustainability Book Display

- Sharing of Sustainability Facts

- Creation of Posters

- Reducing Usage of Plastic Utensils

- Reducing Usage of Paper Products within Classrooms

- Installation of Hand Dryer

- Installation of Clothing Recycling Bin

- Removal of Leaf Blower

- Introduction of Thrift Store

- Starting a Material Store in Art Department

- Initiating a Sustainable Challenges/Quests

- Collaboration with Theater Department

- Conducting a Presentation during Assembly

Sustainability Committee Meeting 1
Download PDF • 9.16MB

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